How to Use this Site to Vote the Globalists out of Power

Postal Vote

When your papers arrive – best to either scan or copy them so that you can do a practice run.

If you haven’t applied for a Postal Vote and it’s too late then make up your own How to Vote Card for the Senate by filling in the document “How to Vote Card – NEW BLANK” and take it to the Polling Booth with you. You can also make up your own How to Vote Card for the House by filling in “Your House of Representatives How to Vote Card – Blank“.

Follow this Simple Method for Both the House and the Senate

Please vote below the line on your Senate Ballot as that gives you the maximum amount of control over to whom your vote goes.

Use the documents entitled How to Vote Card – NEW BLANK and fill this one in as a trial run, so that you don’t get things wrong. Then use your Master Number Card for the Senate ballot and when you assign a number to a candidate cross it off on the Master Number Card NOT on the actual ballot.

If you end up with numbers leftover when every candidate on your Practice Senate Ballot which is the “How to Vote Card – NEW BLANK” has been filled in and has a number next to it, then, you have inadvertently assigned the same number to two different candidates. Please get another voter from your State or Territory to check your choices before you fill in the real ballot.

Go to the document entitled “Classification of Political Parties” and find out who the Anti-Globalists/Non-Globalists are and put them at the top of the ballot. Find out who the Neutral or Don’t Knows are and put them in the middle. Find out who the Globalists are and put them at the BOTTOM.

NOTE: With this document just because a party appears on it is not a guarantee that that party will be standing a candidate in your electorate. I had to compile this on the basis that I covered every electorate in Australia. Similarly, there are only 75 candidates on the New South Wales Senate Ballot but there may be more or less than 75 in other States and Territories.

How do I Identify Globalists?

Look at the list “Classification of Political Parties” and this will tell you.

What if I want to vote for an Independent?

Go to the document called “A Word of Warning About Independents” and it will say you have to work out who is genuine and who is a Globalist in disguise.

There are a lot of parties that have sprung up, just to channel votes to the Globalists and muddy the waters, so beware! If you can’t find out anything about an Independent because there’s nothing on the Internet, then assume that they’re probably a Globalist shill and put them at the bottom of the ballot!

How do I know my preferences are not going to go to a candidate for whom I wouldn’t vote?

Your preferences go where YOU allocate them unless you follow a “How to Vote Card” from a political party or candidate!