The Current Dangers that We are Facing

There has just been a Federal election in Australia where the complete opposite of what happened in Europe happened here: The people elected a Globalist major party and a lot of Globalist shills who were purporting to be “independent”. These Globalist shills, the “Teals” had more corflutes than anyone else, more money, they all wore teal-coloured tee-shirts and some of them even had their own busses!

Their policies consisted of parroting off Agenda 2030 and using Klauss Schwab language like “Build back better”. Of course, these Teals all supported involuntary vaccination. The Nationalist-Populist parties barely increased their majority. Now we’re stuck with the choices of those who refused to look and those who refused to think and to get informed for another three years with goodness knows what dire consequences for the rest of us!

I continue to hear distressing news about people who sacrificed their children to Bill Gates and Big Pharma, like for example, a woman who was about seven months pregnant who went off and got jabbed. Surprise! Surprise! She had a stillbirth and will probably never be able to conceive again. Bill Gates has actually expressed the view that the World is over-populated and that he wants to reduce the population with vaccines! How appreciably different is this from parents sacrificing their children to Moloch?

Why are people refusing to confront evil and wake up?

It is probably true to say that Australians lack the political sophistication of their European counterparts who have struggled with a war on their own soil and tyranny. Many of the rights that people had in this country were hard-won by those who stood up for liberty. Some of those people lost their lives so that we wouldn’t have to live in a tyranny.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” The quote is from a post-apocalyptic novel by the author G.

At present, I’m wondering why people in this country re-elected Globalists and increased their number by adding some shills called “Teals” to the number. This is completely the opposite of what has happened in Europe where people voted against the Globalists and elected Nationalist-Populist parties. France seems to be a bit of an exception in that the Frogs re-elected Macron but they voted for Populist parties overwhelmingly for the National Assembly, so Macron has a lame-duck presidency now – couldn’t happen to a nicer Globalist!

Here’s a quote from Riccardo Bosi:
“So much is being piled upon us and yet the Australian people just sit there and say nothing – this is a lesson for us that we must remember…it is human nature just to sit there and take it… but it is extraordinary the level of nonsense that the Australian people tolerate – it’s astonishing! Quietly. ‘Leave me alone, please don’t disturb me. Just let me stay in my corner and watch the footy, let me watch My Kitchen Rules, I will do whatever you want! I will give you my child. Yes, you can kill my child but just leave me alone!’ It doesn’t speak well of the Australian character!”
Riccardo Bosi – Nothing But The Truth Tuesday 21 June 2022 circa 43:44 – 44:23

“We deserve nothing but pain and suffering if we do nothing to protect our own children!”

According to a person who I know, who helped out with both One Nation and the United Australia Party, a woman in Queensland told Clive Palmer that she had had twin boys, whom she took and had jabbed like a good, obedient citizen. A week later, both were dead. I have sympathy for her dead boys because they had no real choice in the matter. Sadly, a modicum of research on the CDC’s website would have let their mother know that the jabs were forty times more lethal than the condition. The jabs are especially a problem for boys and young men! What do you do with people like her – she refused to look, refused to think and played fast and loose with her boy’s lives? I can’t believe this woman didn’t hear that the not-vaccines were a danger!

Right now, I don’t know where to go or what to say, I’m tempted to conclude that one can’t fix stupid! People accuse me of being an intellectual snob, who is insensitive to the uneducated – I’m not because I acknowledge that there are people who are uneducated and very smart and people who are educated and effectively brain-dead. I’ve come full circle and concluded that all we can do is inform people and hope for the best!

Are most people just “useless eaters” after all because they’re brain dead? Have the Globalist psychopaths actually got something right?

It is probably true to say that most people have taken their eye off the ball because they were not the generation who fought against tyranny and consequently, they take the rights that the unelected bureaucrats have substracted for granted with neither any care nor awareness that people have fought and died for these rights! Here is a quote from Isaac Asimov that sums things up nicely: “Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain!”

We also have a severely dumbed-down education system, where “Civics” is no longer taught, so people have little or no idea of how our electoral system works. Further, most people when they see evidence of evil look away because they refuse to believe that people can be evil. These people seem to be ignorant of history! One of the things that are hampering us is this inability to confront evil.

During the Twentieth Century, governments were the leading cause of unnatural death: There is even a term for this and that term is “Democide”. During the Twentieth Century, governments killed between 282,000,000 to 300,000,000 people and none of these deaths were combatants. These deaths were straight-out, cold-blooded murder! The suggestion that governments would not embark upon murder is risible! Sadly, “nice people” refuse to confront this evil and look away, because they apparently perceive that it is the right thing to do, isn’t your weakness endangering not only your own life but also that of others? Good people, let people know about danger so that they can take evasive action and save not only their own lives but the lives of others! Grow a backbone and grow up before it is too late!
(See: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT 20th Century Democide*
By R.J. Rummel
Date Accessed: 16.12.11)

What is coming next is the Monkeypox scare

Bill Gates predicted that there would be another pandemic. There are likely to be more unscientific and unproven measures like lockdowns, and more social distancing. The Lamestream Media will tell us that Monkeypox is a deadly virus and that it is highly infectious both of which are false. The Lamestream Media is spinning the deaths that occur after people get the jab as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” and there is no admission whatsoever that these deaths are connected or attributable to the experimental gene manipulation, that is the COVID jab. It is a great shame that the general public is so easily led because people are making themselves, and their loved ones, including their children victims of the Globalist psychopaths and sociopaths! I can see the problem but I cannot see the solution. There are some people to whom you can’t get through!