Say No to Tyranny


Perhaps you think that COVID-19 is the most dangerous thing out, but consider the way that our freedoms, for which people have fought and died, have been taken from us, bit by bit, by unelected bureaucrats.

The majority of us have been kept prisoners in our own homes for months. Initially, we were told that the lockdown would only be for a fortnight while we flattened the curve, and then the Government kept shifting the goalposts.

Businesses have been destroyed, people have committed suicide, the effectiveness of children’s education has been compromised, and domestic violence and child abuse has increased greatly.

Is this what you want?
Is this the society for which our ancestors fought and died?
Do you want a “papers please” society?
Look at history — this is how things looked before Stalin Hitler Mao and Pol Pot came to power — do you want that here?

You can’t comply your way out of tyranny!
Notice how now you’re starting to be told that you will need COVID booster shots every 6 to 12 months? Goalposts are being shifted again!

Aren’t you worried about being repeatedly given an experimental substance by way of injection that is designed quite differently from traditional vaccines, (admitted to be gene manipulation), with very limited testing, is potentially very dangerous in the short or longer-term and won’t even stop you spreading the virus to others?

All of this over an infection from which all age groups have a greater than 99% survival rate!

Do you think that there might be a hidden agenda here?

If you want to change this do NOT vote for the Coalition, Labour or the Greens!