The Blowing Up of the Georgia Guidestones

Yes, many of you have no doubt heard about this event. I saw the damage to the ahem monument on last night. I have become painfully aware that people are speculating that the attack was a false flag – it wasn’t! When the Black Hats perpetrate a false flag, they make sure that they kill as many innocent people as possible, so that they can then blame the attack on patriots and they use enough explosives to demolish an entire city block.

The attack on the Georgia Guidestones was carried out in the middle of the night when there was nobody around to get harmed! The attack was also carried out by someone who knew how to handle explosives safely: None of these things indicates that it was a false flag – quite the opposite!

Whether you agree with the attack or not is a different matter! I can see that someone would decide to take down a Devil Worshippers’ momument out of sheer frustration but I can also see that there is an argument to be made to say that it is better if the evil intentions of the Globalists are left out in the open for people to see for themselves.

Now that the Georgia State Government has demolished the Georgia Guidestones, we have people claiming that this is a cover-up and that it is being done to hide evidence. You don’t need a conspiracy theory here because if the structure was judged to be potentially unsafe then the prudent thing to do is to conduct a demolition. There is an ongoing investigation.

Frankly, I see the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones as being an event that demarcates a welcome phenomenon, that being that the general public is growing weary of the psychopaths and sociopaths who want to kill us off. Surely this is a testimony to a rising level of consciousness that will found a better world.