My Classifications of 2023 Candidates

My List of Candidates for 2023 Legislative Council –
How I Arrived at My Classifications

I have classified candidates into three groups. The Good, The Bad, and Don’t Know.

I have done this on the basis of their policy statements or their language. If anyone claims to be “independent” but uses the language of the World Economic Forum or Agenda 2030, then I put them in The Bad classification. It is possible that some candidates were unaware of the implications of the terminology that they used and simply used it because they thought it to be powerful and edgy. If I have misclassified you, I apologise and will shift you into another category, provided that you do not support Globalist policies.

If I am unsure of a candidate’s views on certain key issues, then I will assign them to the Don’t Know category. I have found that some candidates do not have any policy statements online, which makes classifying them difficult.

How I Suggest that You Vote if You Want to Get Rid of Globalists

Simple – give the candidates from The Good group numbers starting from 1 and following consecutively, that is 2,3,4,5 etc. I am not numbering every square – I’m just numbering the good candidates ABOVE THE LINE this time around.