Where to Now after the Disasterous 2022 Election Result?

I never had any positive expectations about the 2022 Federal Election, the reason being, that people are apathetic and uninformed. Yes, we were speaking to people and some of those people were agreeing with us but there were others who did not agree. The real danger that I have found in dealing with optimists (I do not and have never considered myself to be an optimist) is that they overlook the bleeding obvious, do it consistently and never learn from their mistakes! I had people tell me that because we had huge rallies in Melbourne, with half a million people and huge rallies in Canberra with about 1.5 million people that the victory of genuine Independents and the Liberty parties was assured. I expressed the view to people that we shouldn’t be focusing on those who were present at the rallies but on those who were absent because they vote and remain to be convinced of our position.

What we have now, is a raft of phoney Independents who are almost certainly funded by George Soros. These Teal-Independents appeared out of nowhere. They had more Corflutes than any of the other candidates. Their Corflutes were high up on telegraph poles. Some of the Teals had their own buses! They clearly had a lot of funding! They all had teal tee-shirts too. According to Wikipedia “The teal independents, sometimes simply referred to as teals, are a loosely-defined group of centrist, mainly female, independent candidates for House of Representatives seats in the 2022 Australian federal election.” The Teals have Globalist policies! They are Greens crossed with Liberals and sound like Klaus Schwab on steroids!

I created a Flyer on my website entitled “A Word of Warning About So-Called “Independents”, where I told people how to differentiate between a real Independent and a Globalist shill. I urged people to look at how the person had voted if they were in Parliament and to look for Red-Flags in the language that they used. I warned that if people used language like “sustainable development” or “an urgent need for action on Climate Change” these are Agenda 2030 and are actually a blueprint for depopulation and enslavement by the Globalists. I also warned that if the so-called “Independents” used expressions like “build back better” this is straight out of the World Economic Forum and that these people should be put into the “learn to weld category”. Sadly, for reasons best known to themselves, people ignored the Red Flags and elected them! I had someone on our side tell me that “the election result was great because so many Independents were elected”. I said “You mean Globalist shills don’t you?” The same person, then asked me why I was so certain that they are Globalist shills. I asked him if he’s read the Flyer about Independents and there was silence.

According to a person who I know, who helped out with both One Nation and the United Australia Party, a woman in Queensland told Clive Palmer that she had had twin boys, whom she took and had jabbed like a good, obedient citizen. A week later, both were dead. I have sympathy for her dead boys because they had no real choice in the matter. Sadly, a modicum of research on the CDC’s website would have let their mother know that the jabs were forty times more lethal than the condition. The jabs are especially a problem for boys and young men!

A stupid woman in Canada kept telling people that the Government was mandating vaccines because they wanted to “take care of people”. Her husband who is in his thirties with no prior history of heart disease got the jab and developed a near-fatal heart condition. It was touch and go whether he lived but after discharge from the hospital, he received a letter telling him that he was required to present for his second jab. There was a protest because the first had nearly cost him his life and he now had heart disease but no, the Government was adamant that he was required to have a second jab, heart disease or no heart disease! The dim-witted wife asked his Doctor to write him a medical exemption only to be told that he had been warned that if he did this, he would be investigated and struck off. It was only then that the penny dropped! What does it take for some people – they go through life with blindfolds on? The problem is that these people vote and we are saddled with the results of their wilful ignorance! I thought that I was going to drop dead last Thursday and my reaction was “Good, now I won’t have to live with the choices of the politically retarded!” Not nice!

What I intend to do with this website now

I intend to make information available in much the same way as I did for the Federal Election. I remind you that the Flyers are still pertinent and I suggest that people have them printed out, which we can arrange at the price of $200.00 per ten thousand and distribute them as they will soften the people up by getting them to question the narrative. The Flyers should be delivered to the marginal electorates before the election campaign starts so that people can have time to look, think and digest the information.

We need to wake people up before the upcoming State elections in order to recognise that we are heading down the slippery slope of medical tyranny before it is too late and we also need to give people the necessary information to spot Globalist shills so that they don’t vote for them.