A Word of Warning about Independents

There are a number of candidates who purport to be “Independent”. In order to verify that this is the case, you need to check how they voted on various issues, that is, which Bills they supported. There are several “Red Flags” that should bother you, one of these is the language used by a candidate and the other is the nature of the policies that they support.

There is a useful website that will tell you how your “Independent” candidate voted. If you see that your Independent is supporting Globalist policies you know that they are not really Independents at all. More importantly, if they vote for the setting up of COVID Quarantine facilities, then you know that they support involuntary or coerced vaccination.

How does your MP vote on the issues that matter to you?

Another website that is useful is

– if they say any of these things, don’t vote for them!

If they say that our liberties don’t count and that they have a right to violate My Body — My Choice — then don’t vote for them! If they vote for the setting up of Quarantine Gulags (Detention Centres), if they are a Greeny pretending to be independent then don’t vote for them! Supposedly independent Senators have said “lock up the unvaccinated” — don’t vote for them! Put them in the Learn to Weld Category!