Classification of Political Parties 2022 Election

Classification of Political Parties that Will Probably be Standing for the House and or Senate in 2022

Top of the Ballot
Anti-Globalist or
Non-Globalist Policies
Middle of the Ballot
Neutral or Unsure
Bottom of the Ballot
Globalist or
Supports their Policies
Australian ChristiansAustralian Affordable Housing PartyAustralian Democrats
Australian Citizens PartyCountry Liberal Party (NT)Australian Greens
Australian Federation PartyDemocratic Labour PartyAustralian Labor Party (ALP)
Centre AllianceDerryn Hinch’s Justice PartyAustralian Progressives
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)Federal ICAC Now ***Australian Values Party
Informed Medical Options PartyIndigenous – Aboriginal Party of AustraliaClimate Emergency Action Alliance: Vote Planet
Liberal Democratic PartyKatter’s Australian Party (KAP)Jacqui Lambie Network
No5G Party (Soon to be The Freedom Alliance)Legalise Cannabis AustraliaKim for Canberra
Pauline Hanson’s One NationRex Patrick TeamLiberal Party of Australia
The Great Australian Party **Seniors United Party of AustraliaNational Party of Australia
United Australia PartyJulie Collins (Independent – Senate)Reason Australia
AustraliaOne * Endorsed IndependentsWarren Grzic (Independent – Senate)Socialist Alliance
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers PartyGuitang Lu (Independent – Senate)Socialist Equality Party
Health Australia PartySustainable Australia Party – Stop Overdevelopment / Corruption
William Laing
(Independent – Senate)
Victorian Socialists
Danny Lim (Independent – Senate)WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY
Animal Justice Party
VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy!
Max Boddy (Socialist Equality Party)
Oscar Grenfell (Socialist Equality Party)

* May not be registered as a Party in time for the 2022 Federal Election but is fielding Independents endorsed by Party. **The Great Australian Party – Is NOW, contrary to previous advice, fielding candidates for the Senate for NSW,
namely Matthew Hopkins and Mistie Sibraa.
***Federal ICAC Now – may not be able to be registered for the 2022 Federal Election – may not be standing any candidates.