Candidates for NSW 2023

Legislative Council – Grouped Candidates for 2023

Group on Ballot PaperName of GroupThe GoodThe BadDon’t Knows
Group ALyle Gavin SheltonDon’t Know
Group BCraig KellyGood
Group CAnimal Justice PartyBad –
supports globalist agenda
EMilan MaksimovicBad –
Supports Globalism
FSocialist AllianceBad –
Globalist Shills
GSilvana Francesca NileDon’t Know
HElizabeth Farerelly IndependentsBad –
Uses Agenda 2030 Language
Support Globalism
JLiberal DemocratsGood
KOscar GrenfellBad –
Uses Globalist Language
LPublic Education PartyBad –
Globalist Shills
MInformed Medical Options PartyGood
NShooters, Fishers and Farmers PartyGood
OLegalise Cannabis PartyBad –
Globalist Shills
PDanny LimGood
QOne NationGood
RThe GreensBad –
Globalist Shills support Involuntary Vaccination
SSustainable Australia PartyBad –
Supports Agenda 2030 Depopulation
TMilton Clive CaineGood
URiccardo Umberto Guerrino BosiVery Good –
this boy hates Globalism!
Legislative Council – Grouped Candidates for 2023

Ungrouped Candidates for Legislative Council 2023

Name of CandidateGoodBadDon’t Know
Stefan Mohnish PrasadDon’t Know
Colleen Linda FullerDon’t Know
Warren James CrzicBad –
Supports Globalism
Van Hieu HuynhDon’t Know
Archie Sidney LeaBad –
Michelle MartinDon’t Know
Lee May HoweDon’t Know
Michael Phillip AllenDon’t Know
Ruth Elizabeth CheethamDon’t Know
Guitang LuBad –
Supports Climate Change Myth
George PotkonyakDon’t Know
Ungrouped Candidates for Legislative Council 2023