Why You Need to Postal Vote

I am extremely concerned and very disappointed, that a person whom I and others perceived to be on the same side is telling people, not to postal vote and that if they are registered as a postal voter, to cancel their registration. What is being suggested, quite falsely, is that postal voting can be used in Australia exactly the same way as it was in America during the 2020 election to rig the result. The person making this suggestion has conceded that there is no evidence of this occurring but advised people, not to postal vote and to cancel their registration anyway.

Postal voting cannot be used in Australia, the same way that it was in America to steal the election from Donald Trump because the two systems are different in that in Australia we have compulsory voting, whereas, in America, voting is optional. In America, all you have to do is unlawfully vote on behalf of the elector who chooses not to vote. In Australia, this can’t be done without massive difficulty, leaving aside where an elector is dead, as people have to vote, and when they do, their names are marked off the Roll.

The advantage of postal voting is that it gives people the maximum amount of time to select the non-Globalist parties for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The main reason for postal voting, is that you get your ballot papers about a week before “on the day voters”, which gives you the time to research the candidates whereas on the day voters don’t have this opportunity.

We have done some research for you where the candidates for the 2022 Federal Election are concerned – see

“Classification of Political Parties 2022 Election”

Postal Voting – Eligibility” on this website – saynototyranny.org.

I postal vote because I am Jewish and have a religious objection to voting on Saturday, which is the Biblical Sabbath but there are a number of other reasons why people can postal vote. If you want to know more about the subject, there is more information on this website.