The Up and Coming Federal Election

The 2022 Australian federal election will be held on or before 21 May 2022 to elect members of the 47th Parliament of Australia. All 151 seats in the lower house, the House of Representatives, and 40 of the 76 seats in the upper house, the Senate, will be up for election. Election analyst Antony Green has estimated that the election will be held somewhere between 26 February and 21 May 2022.

What you need to understand is that every three years, a Federal election is held where all of the House of Representatives and HALF of the Senate stands for election unless there is a DOUBLE DISSOLUTION (*See below). The reason for this is that a Member of the house of Representatives’ term is THREE years, whereas a Member of the Senates’ term is SIX years. The provision for this is found in the Australian Constitution.

Voter registration
Enrolment of eligible voters is compulsory. Voters must notify the AEC within 8 weeks of a change of address or after turning 18. The electoral rolls are closed for new enrolments or updates of details about a week after the issue of writs for the election.

NOTE:  If you are not enrolled already, please enrol now!

Election typeLatest Saturday
Representatives only3 September 2022
Half-senate only21 May 2022
Representatives + half-senate21 May 2022
Double dissolution (requires trigger)5 March 2022

Though Federal Elections must be conducted on a Saturday, the date and type of Federal Election are determined by the Prime Minister – after consideration of constitutional requirements, legal requirements, as well as political considerations – who then advises the Governor-General to set the process in motion by dissolving the lower or both houses and issuing writs for an election.

Simultaneous elections are required in the case of a double dissolution* election that is called under section 57 of the Australian Constitution when the Senate twice refuses to pass legislation sent to it by the House of Representatives. This happened most recently in 2016 but there is no guarantee that there will be a double dissolution in 2022. It appears at this point that there will be an election for all of the seats in the Lower House (House of Representatives) and half of the Upper House (Senate).

There is a new voting system for the Senate (upper house). I advise you to get your head around this, very strongly! The video below explains this fairly clearly! What we must learn to do is to vote below the line on the Senate Ballot as this gives us maximum control over to whom our votes are allocated. The reason why we need to vote below the line is so that we can put the Globalists and their allies last.

What I do

I postal vote, which suits me fine as I get my Ballot papers sent to me ahead of the election. This gives me time to copy them several times and to work out how best to get the candidates whom I want to see elected to be successful. I am Jewish, so I simply say, if asked or challenged – “I don’t vote on Saturdays because I‘m Jewish and can’t pre-Poll because I have a physical disability, which is Brittle Bone Disease and Osteoporosis and that makes it dangerous for me to go to venues in case I get knocked to the ground.” That suffices. Postal Voting gives me the luxury of optimising my vote so that the Globalists go right to the bottom of the Ballot.

Senate voting is different from the House Of Representatives. The House of Representatives is Preferential Voting whereas the Senate is Proportionate Representation and First Past the Post. We need to be very careful with both voting systems to put the Globalists LAST! The House of Representatives is the smaller green Ballot paper, whereas the Senate Ballot is the large white one that folds out forever and when spread out completely would probably cover a banquet table!

Out of the major parties, namely, Coalition, Labor and the Greens, forty-six of those seats in the House of Representatives are marginal as is one of the Cross-Bench seats. What we need to do is to vote, so as to ensure that neither of the major parties can form a Government in its own right. If we can capture fifty seats we should be able to do this! This is one of the reasons why I want the Letterbox Flyer distributed before the parties go into electioneering mode, that is, before an election is called, so that people can see what we are fighting.

With the Senate Ballot, you need to vote below the line, in order to ensure that you have the maximum control over to whom your vote is allocated. If you simply select the required minimum of six candidates above the line and they don’t make the Quota then, you’ve wasted your vote and with it your opportunity to ensure that the Globalists don’t control the Upper House!


You need to vote below the line as this gives you, the voter, the maximum amount of control over where your vote goes. If you vote below the line, then, you need to select a minimum of twelve candidates but if you do this, you may well be selecting too few for the candidates of your choice to make the Quota and once again, you will have wasted your vote. What you need to do, is vote below the line and number every square.

There is no way we want Globalists in control of either Houses! If we have them in control then, we will have hell on Earth and you’ll wish that you’d taken the time to number every square, however tedious that may be, it’s only something that you have to do every three years and the time taken is nothing compared to what the Globalists will create if they win! One of the greatest pieces of irony in Australian political history, is that in 1963, Bob Menzies was re-elected on a handful of Communist Party Preferences – so be vigilant and do not take the lazy way out!

For Your Information – the Quota is calculated as follows:

(Number of formal ballot papers / (Number of senators to be elected + 1)) rounded down + 1

The party that forms the Government is chosen from the party that gets the maximum number of votes in the lower house – that is the House of Representatives. The Senate, or the upper house can veto legislation, so we need to be sure that the Globalists are not the majority there either!

Here is a sample Ballot for the House of Representatives:

Fairy Floss (Coalition)
Cancel Culture (Greens)
People’s Socialist Republic of Australia (Labor)
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
United Australia Party
Australian Federation Party
Australia One (May not get registered as a Political Party but will stand candidates as Independents endorsed by AustraliaOne)
Informed Medical Options Party
Liberal Democrats
Phoney Independent
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party
Health Australia Party

I will vote as follows:

9. Fairy Floss (Coalition)

12. Cancel Culture (Greens)

10. People’s Socialist Republic of Australia (Labor)

3. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

4. United Australia Party

1. Australian Federation Party

2. Australia One

5. Informed Medical Options Party

6. Liberal Democrats

11. Phoney Independent

7. Health Australia

8. Shooters

This puts the Globalists and their minions right at the bottom of the Ballot!
For the Senate I will select my candidates with the same methodology, that is, putting the Globalists and their minions at the bottom of the House of Representatives ballot.

STOP PRESS: Only seven senators supported Pauline Hanson’s Bill against involuntary vaccination; they are Senators Antic, Fierravanti-Wells, McMahon, Canavan, and Rennick crossed the floor to join Senators Hanson and Roberts of One Nation.

You need to vote against all of the other Senate Candidates!

Here is a list of the Senators for NSW who either voted against Pauline Hanson’s Bill or failed to support that Bill, which means you need to vote against them!

Tim Ayres
Andrew Bragg
Perin Davey
Mehreen Faraqui
Hollie Hughes
Christine Kenneally
Jenny McAllister
Jim Molan
Deborah O’Neill
Marise Payne
Tony Sheldon

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Date Accessed: 23.11.21