Our Purpose

What we are seeking to do is to distribute the flyers entitled “The Real Danger that We Are Facing at the Moment is Totalitarianism” and “A Word of Warning About So-Called Independents” to every marginal electorate in Australia. This is probably our last chance to resolve matters at the ballot box!

We need to remove the politicians who refuse to listen to us and take their orders from offshore banks and the World Economic Forum, all of whom are unelected! These organisations should not be dictating policy to our governments! The politicians whom we elected should be there to serve us – they are supposed to be our servants – not our masters!

Our politicians have, with a few noticeable exceptions, betrayed us! It is time to stop the rot of the Globalists – don’t vote for the Coalition, Labor or the Greens! We have provided a list of political parties, entitled, “Classification of Political Parties for Election 2022 – NEW” that tells you which parties support Globalist policies, which ones oppose Globalism and which ones appear to be neutral.

What we are asking is that you put the parties opposed to Globalism at the top of the ballots for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. We are also urging you to Postal Vote as this gives you the maximum amount of time to research the candidates. We are asking you to vote below the line on your Senate Ballot as this gives you the maximum amount of control over where your votes go. We have provided you with documents to make this process of voting below the line easier and to minimise the chances of you making an error and subsequently casting an invalid vote. It is one of the greatest ironies in recent political history, that Bob Menzies was re-elected in 1963 on the basis of a handful of Communist Party preferences!

Please donate to help us, help you, by removing tyrants and making the World a better place for your children and your grandchildren! The money donated will help us get flyers printed as well as get them distributed.